Leonard Sweet has launched his new website PreachTheStory.com where you can find free preaching resources, as well as premium sermons and preaching advice:


Are you ready for the Revolution?

Embrace the 21st century with sermons that speak the language of your culture.  Join the Homiletic Revolution and Preaching Renaissance.  A revolution is a protest–against word-based exegesis. A renaissance is a positive expression of construction and creativity–founded on stories and images, narratives and metaphors (narraphors)—with a soundtrack.

Join at $9 per month and login to get:

  • A weekly sermon based on the traditional lectionary by Len Sweet.
  • A weekly story lectionary.
  • A weekly Image Exegesis based on the story of the week by Lori with comments section for your additions and discussions of the metaphor.
  • A weekly story sermon, based on the scriptural metaphor of the week by Len Sweet and with comments section for your responses, ideas, and the ways you’ve used the material.
  • Sweet Nothings – weekly 3-5 minute semiotic videos of Len Sweet –connecting scripture to the semiotics of everyday life
  • The Commons – a preaching blog with ideas for interactive Story sermon writing and image exegesis (a la Giving Blood) *Coming Soon
  • In the future: special creative sections on preaching and ministry by some of the country’s budding pastors

FREE at preachthestory.com:

Pastor’s Prayer  – by Len

The Open Table – an interactive Book gathering

Sound Theology –a sound bite for your sermon writing

Napkin Scribbles   – words of wisdom from Len Sweet

The Lectionary Readings

The Story Lectionary Passage

The Images of the Week

“Tweetables” from each Sermon