2024 Water Advance with Dr. Katie Kresser

March 8-9, 2024

Conversation Partners: Dr. Katie Kresser

Our next Pacific Advance is 8, 9 March 2024! Katie Kresser is a professor of Art History at Seattle Pacific University. Originally from Indiana, she received her degrees from Indiana University (undergrad) and Harvard University (MA and PhD). Since middle school, Katie has been obsessed with how the aesthetics of a culture can reveal its underlying priorities. Her writing focuses on art theory – both the making side (the artist) and the reception side (the viewer). Her most recent book, Bezalel’s Body: The Death of God and the Birth of Art was featured in Christianity Today’s Books of the Year for 2020. Her current projects focus on “camp,” “sham,” cultural envy, folk art, and the possibility of universal beauty.

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